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    (Closed)  10 common thesis statement mistakes in argumentative essays

    You will have to encounter a lot of academic essays during your time at college or university. The most important skill that someone might have for such tasks is having a grip on writing a perfect thesis statement. An essay is incomplete without it and it does not make sense at all.

    Sometimes you are assigned multiple tasks that make you worrisome. You look around to get assignment help and you hesitate. In such situations, online essay writing service might help you a lot. They have writers who can help you with all the questions you have in your mind.

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    1.   You end up writing an unclear thesis statement

    A thesis statement tells a reader what you will be discussing in the remaining essay. If it is unclear, vague, or contradicting you will probably lose your audience.

    1.   Trying to make your thesis statement complicated

    A complicated and long thesis statement contains more errors than an average thesis statement. It weakens the statement you are trying to make. You should not try to make it wordy and redundant just include the major points. 

    1.   Making it too immature or personalizing it

    As you are upgraded to the advanced classes your language should get better. If you are using informal sentences in an academic essay it will probably distract your reader and they will lose interest very early.

    1.   Your thesis statement does not reveal what you will be talking about in the body paragraphs

    Your thesis statement should let your reader know the points that your will be discussing in the body paragraphs. This is done by avoiding unnecessary information and explanations in the thesis statement. 

    1.   Poor language choices, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation

    Because you have to write my essay you should be very careful while choosing the language and words that have an overall impact on your expression. You do not always use complicated words; you should be able to use true and appropriate words to deliver your message.

    Further, you should proofread your thesis statement and correct the punctuation and grammar errors.

    1.   It does not show any relevance to the rest of the essay

    Your thesis statement should be the most relevant sentence in the remaining essay as it talks about all the main points of all body paragraphs. Irrelevancy will definitely distract your reader.

    1.   Missing strong points and adding weaker points

    Sometimes you miss out on strong arguments that might make your essay more interesting and grabs your reader's attention and you go for weaker points that do not bring sufficient excitement to your readers.

    1.   Becoming unreasonable and irrational claims

    Because you are writing an academic essay your thesis statement should be logical and rational. You cannot just argue or pursue a topic without making your audience believe in you by presenting evidence and examples.

    1.   Do not state irresponsible arguments

    Irresponsible arguments may include some unauthentic information, slang, and informal statements that put a negative impression on your readers.  

    1.   Avoid false statements and quotations

    Do not write a false quotation if you do not know the source or the exact quote. Quotations should not be part of your thesis statement, it might be extra information that you may add in the supporting or general details in online essay writer.

    We hope this blog was helpful!

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