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    (Closed) Making a Short Presentation Of Your Research Paper: A Beginner’s Guide

    Writing a research paper requires a lot of research and factual information to complete a paper, and I know, it’s that easy. I know most students go through tedious processes because of the format, style, and on top of that, deadlines. I know, right? I have been there, and done that. Thankfully, I am past that stage. If you can write a research paper independently, then the next step entails presenting that research paper.

    Well, students do go through that and some find it very difficult but, don’t worry, there are other alternatives, such as hiring an essay writer that can do it for you for a minimal fee and you can get an error-free research paper. You can find a good service online that can provide you samples so it’s easier to follow instructions. What does “presenting a short research paper” mean?

    You must have seen in conferences that people in academia present their papers on the topic that the conference is about. This is called presenting a research paper. You have to summarize your work in about 15-20 minutes, to be precise. I know it has to be done perfectly because you have to show the world how well you know your work. Even in seminars, speakers have to speak for about 15-20 minutes and they have to do it perfectly, so that they cover everything that they know, and can show that they have profound knowledge in it. Obviously, when you can write a research paper, I don’t think you will find it difficult to present it as "assignment help". Don’t worry about the mistakes, it will happen for the first time, but afterward, you will get a grip. The purpose of this blog is to get familiarized with the steps that involve a presentation, so buckle up, it’s a bumpy ride ahead.

    To present, you need slides but if you are given approx. fifteen minutes, you have to keep it concise, stay within the time limit and also, convey your message. Keep it short and simple, and no need to go for tons of slides when you only need 10. Time management is super important for people. Also, don’t lose coherency because you wanna keep it short. Try it a few times and see what works best for you. Nope, speed talking isn’t it, you don’t wanna sound like a robot; you still have to convey or present your topic persuasively.

    To excel at the first point, you need to practice a lot. Write down slides in ways that are convenient for you but also, allow you to keep them within the time frame. For example, you have to present your paper in 5 minutes, you need a lot of practice for that, i.e. to say what’s needed to say. You can ask famous speakers or those who have spoken on Ted Talks, they will tell you the same. Ask any college essay writing service and they will tell you to use fewer slides because of less time, and more talking. Maybe add 3-4 slides and you are good to go.

    Remember, you only need super important points to present. When I once participated in an essay writing competition, I wrote a lengthy essay and exceeded the word count because I didn’t know better. How I wished that my dad could write my essay for that competition but I should have known the rules. That competition taught me to not cross the line when there isn’t any need to.


    Do you think you have time to explain everything regarding your research paper? I think not, because you don’t have much time and the audience doesn’t wanna get bored. So, you need the information that is relevant and complete. No twists and turns, although, you should have an interesting style to present it. Make bullet points, and try to practice conveying them in the time frame that you are given. It is like your thesis statement. In two lines, the thesis statement explains the crux of your essay, so you have to plan something like that. Don’t be scared because it is not as hard as you think it is.

    A model or results? I know your audience is academics but again, you don’t have time to explain research methodologies, or results. You have to figure out a way to keep results and models to one slide each. Briefly explain the model so that your audience knows how it’s set up. Next, you will lead them to the empirical results if the main focus is on the results, which is usually the case for assignment help. You have to also tell the audience the implications of the model but keep it to the point.

    I know literature review is a lengthy process but you have to keep it minimal. Only include those papers that are necessary. Either these papers expand on your topic or contradict it, there is no need to include other papers. However, don’t include a literature review in your slides. They are insanely boring to read, so what makes you think the audience will like the presentation? These are some of the key steps that you need to remember. Furthermore, summarize other details if they are relevant, otherwise, save them for a longer presentation. Add a conclusion and that also has to be concise.