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    (Open) Tax Barristers

    I was sitting in the kitchen the other day consulting the archives on Specialised Tax Barristers and I put in writing this article. How about it?

    A property tax barrister can supply long-standing expertise in all areas of SDLT, enabling them to advise on legitimate savings and provide an independent review of any SDLT avoidance schemes. The top tax barristers frequently appear in the tax courts and can offer advocacy from the First-tier Tribunal through to the Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice. A specialist pension law barrister can advise you and act for you with regards to issues with public sector pension schemes as well as company and private pensions. A handful of United Kingdom tax barristers can offer transactional advice when working with corporate lawyers, joint ventures and property portfolio acquisitions. Some of the leading tax barristers specialise in all areas of tax, including residence & domicile, IHT, CGT, SDLT, VAT, IT and employee taxation. Having the right tax barrister is not just about making sure they work in the right area of law. A good barrister will speak to you in a way you can understand and will make you feel that you can trust them.

    Specialised Tax Barristers

    Barristers are able to advise on all aspects of solvent and insolvent corporate restructuring, including administrations, CVAs, restructuring plans and schemes of arrangement. The advisory side of a tax barrister's practice can include giving opinion on debt restructuring (including the tax treatment of debt-for-equity swaps, debt buy-backs and subordination). Staying on top of international and UK tax legislation is increasingly complicated and time-consuming. Some tax barristers have expertise in challenging the most serious HMRC disputes or tax investigations, disclosing fraudulent conduct or negotiating a settlement of a tax liability. Taking on Inheritance Tax Advice can help sort out your financial woes.

    Full Of Ideas And Helpful Suggestions

    Tax law is often written in a style which makes it difficult for tax professionals to work with and impossible for a layman to understand. It is important to understand that taxes will be going up. Interest rates cannot stay low forever and when rates do rise, both personal and government debt will increase. Experienced barristers are able to provide detailed guidance and support to clients on any aspect of regulation. Members of Chambers act for taxpayers as well as for the government, appearing in the First-tier Tribunal (Tax Chamber), Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery Chamber) and the higher Courts in cases concerning taxation. Some of the top tax barristers can advise on related practice areas such as Court of Protection and property law, and have experience of tax issues in other jurisdictions outside of the UK including Ireland, Hong Kong and other overseas territories. As you may be aware, the best Domicile Advice service can give advice in relation to their area of knowledge.

    Challenging confiscation proceedings is a matter that a tax barrister can provide counsel on. Taxation is a complicated area of law and it should be acknowledged to gain reputable and reliable advice. A SDLT tax barrister can assist with all aspects of SDLT including group transactions (reorganisations and acquisitions), LLP and partnership land transactions, higher rates of SDLT on dwellings and the application of specific anti-avoidance rules. Some tax barristers are regularly instructed in cases involving complex issues of law and evidence and are known for combining a keen eye for detail with clear and practical advice. Barristers and banks generally cross paths when something costly has gone wrong, or might go wrong, in relation to a transaction or product. Advisory services such as Tax Barrister are a common sight today.

    Practical And User-friendly

    Specialist pensions experts may have experience of all forms of UK based pension and life assurance arrangements, advising employers, trustees, intermediaries and individuals. Early legal advice helps address problems before they escalate and can prevent cases going to court unnecessarily. Tax lawyers who act for companies often work with other teams of lawyers as one aspect of a larger deal, as virtually all commercial transactions will include tax ramifications. Typical deals might include advising on the tax implications of a mergers and acquisitions, property deals, restructurings and all manner of finance such as funds, equity and debt. Significantly, a barrister who is a specialist on tax matters can provide advice to self-employed consultants on disguised remuneration legislation and third party loans including anti-avoidance provisions in Finance (No2) Act 2017. Barristers (who are also referred to as “counsel”) are independent specialists in court work and legal advice. There are specialist barristers in tax, super and associated areas of law. Professional help by any Pensions Advice service will provide value for money.

    UK tax barristers advise taxpayers in the following areas, which may be of particular interest to the financial community. Pensions is a highly complex and technical field and the financial risks are significant. Clients need to know that their advisers have the right experience and expertise and won’t compromise on quality. Transfers of property portfolios including application of multiple dwellings relief, residential/commercial portfolios and securing the non-residential rate is an area of expertise for a tax barrister. You can get additional information regarding Specialised Tax Barristers on this article.

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