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    (Open)  Step to Write an Expository Essay

     Step to Write an Expository Essay

    An Expository essay is used to evaluate the similarities or dissimilarities between two subjects or phenomena; hence the name Expository essay. When I write my essay as a Expository essay, I mostly prefer using the block method. In this method, the essay writer compares their subjects in just two body paragraphs. So the essay will start with an introduction paragraph, then move on to two main body paragraphs and end with the essay writer. We will have the first body paragraph talking about the similarities between the two subjects and then in the next body paragraph, we'll be talking about the dissimilarities between the two subjects. and then you will wrap it up with a conclusion paragraph. So that's four paragraphs in total. Each paragraph is only focusing on one thing and that's what makes this block method so great to start with because you have a very simple organized contained structure.

    It is not a good idea to start writing as soon as you finalize a topic, the best idea is to outline. As this is an Expository essay all you must do is jot down the similarities and dissimilarities your phenomenon has and collect concrete evidence regarding them "write my essay". After you have done this step for the similarity as well as the dissimilarity paragraph, develop a strong thesis statement that will guide your entire essay. 

    Well, in the body paragraphs there are two distinctive paragraphs. The first body paragraph should represent the similarities of the subject. This paragraph should consist of the reasons why these subjects are similar, what characteristics they share, and in what situations they act identical or alike. Furthermore, this paragraph builds a correlation between the two subjects and highlights their correspondence to write my paper. For instance, this paragraph may highlight how you and your best friend have gone to the same high school, you both share a passion for soccer, both of you love to swim, and both of you are afraid of spiders. Similarly, an essay writer will observe the phenomenon or topic at hand and discuss the similarities, associations, and relevancies. In addition, these similarities can be negative or positive. Until they are similar, they’ll be written in the first paragraph of your Expository essay. In this paragraph, using words like similarly, equally, and likewise, will give the readers the notion of similarity linking between both the phenomena. 

    Furthermore, this paragraph builds a negative correlation between the two subjects and highlights their non-correspondence to one another. This doesn’t mean that they have negative effects on each other, it means that both phenomena have no relationship. For instance, in this paragraph you may highlight how you and your best friend don’t live in the same house or area, you both have separate parents and siblings, one of you likes cricket and the other one does not, and that both of you do not study the same subjects. Furthermore, will observe the phenomenon or topic at hand and give concrete arguments that prove their dissimilarities and lack of association. In addition, these dissimilarities can be negative or positive. 

    After this, you can restate the important points of comparison that support the argument that you created in your thesis. This is the last stage in which you can reassure the reader that you are sticking with your arguments and have provided concrete evidence to support your thesis argument and finally, in the last sentence, you can talk about an opinion or a realization that you had after you compared these two phenomena. You can use statements like, there are some similarities as well as a variety of differences this statement shows and indicates that both the subjects have similarities as well as differences. This statement will, even more, strengthen the conclusion paragraph, and if you need more information you should seek guidance from a professional paper writing service on how to write an effective Expository essay.