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    (Open) How to Write a Research Paper 2022

    How to Write a Research Paper 2022

    If you are thinking that “how do I essay writer in APA style” then this is the best guide for you. General formatting of the document includes 1-inch margins. Font type should be Times New Roman and Font size 12. The whole of the document should be double spaced and there should be no spacing between the paragraphs.

    The title page is the first page of the document. Type the title in title case which means that all principal words should be upper case and prepositions lower case. Don't abbreviate any words and the title should not exceed 50 characters. Move the subtitle to write my essay. Leave 2 lines and then write your name with non-bold and centered text. After that write affiliations which include your department of study and the institution you are affiliated with, your course information which should contain the course code and full name of your course separated by a colon, your professor’s name, and finally the due date. Formatting for the date should be month, date, and year.

    Double click in the header banner to bring up the header toolbar and check the box “different first-page”. Type the word “Running head” add one colon and then type a shortened version of your The running head should be left-aligned. Check the font of the running head and make sure it matches the rest of the document. For the second and the rest of the pages, the running head only includes the shortened upper-case title and it is left aligned.

    The reference list should be listed in alphabetical order, should be left-aligned, and should follow a hanging indent format which means that the first line is left aligned while all the following lines are indented by half an inch. The easiest way is to use the shift + T command on Microsoft word.

    For two authors an ampersand symbol is used and for three authors et al is used. For narrative citation, the author's name is outside of the parenthesis while the year is inside and the source locator is at the end of the sentence in parenthesis. For more than two authors use the word “and” and for 3 or more use et al. If you don't understand this you can always take help from a professional essay writing service.

    If they are more than ten, use roman numerals and if you have to start the sentence with a number then always spell them out. To write common fractions always use words. Finally, always use numerals for time, date, age, or money. Following this guideline is very important because if you miss any step your grade can be affected. You can take help from a reputable paper writing service for a sample APA-style paper.