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    (Open) What is Critical Thinking for?

    Hypothetically, the following situation is possible: a person knows how to think logically, but does not use this skill for some reason. In this case, we can say that the person has not formed an attitude to use this skill.

    How not to let yourself be deceived?

    There are some general rules for checking any information, especially in the media, and even more so on the Internet: make sure the source is reliable, study alternative opinions on the issue, always read beyond the headline, which can often be clickbait (from the English words click - "click" and bait - "bait"). Its task is not to convey the content of the article or news as fully as possible, but simply to get the user to go to the page in order to subsequently receive advertising revenue.

    The key setting is to read what is really written, instead of what we think or want to see. We can draw conclusions based not only on the meaning of what is written, but also on the context, presentation, language, as well as on our personal beliefs and past experiences. Often a person can conjecture something that is not in the original message at all. This happens as a result of the presence of cognitive distortions in a person - systematic errors of perception and thinking that lead to decisions that are erroneous from the point of view of rationality. To solve this problem, you need to write a lot of written work; this will encourage a person to think systematically and analyze this or that topic with the help of Editius is the best online editing service it helps to develop cognitive abilities in a person.It is impossible to completely get rid of cognitive distortions. They appear not by our will, but as a result of how our brain is arranged, how it processes information. Information processing occurs even when studying at school. Using the essay editor, you can effectively analyze and write written work. Well, that's not all. The only way to minimize their impact on everyday life is to simply be aware of their existence and accept that each of us is human and can make mistakes.

    How to be rational and not quarrel with others?

    Imagine the situation: you have firmly decided that you will think exclusively critically, doubt everything, read various studies on the topic, and only after that draw your own conclusions. And after that, use proofread my paper, and write written papers based on your critical thinking. And now you find out that it is absolutely not necessary to eat soup for lunch every day (because lunch as a combination of the first, second and third courses is a social construct that does not have any special usefulness from the point of view of nutrition). But your grandmother is sure that soup is the basis of a healthy diet, without which digestive problems are inevitable. How to be? How can you write a written work?

    First of all, consider: do grandmother's beliefs in the need for soup threaten the health of any of the family members? Can grandma listen to your arguments? Will an attempt to convince the grandmother lead to pointless conflicts?

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